Dr Rose Andrew, Lab leader. Eucalyptus, feral animals, gene flow and speciation. Bio. Google Scholar.

Jasmine Janes

Dr Jasmine Janes, UNE Postdoctoral Fellow. Eucalypt hybridisation and pollination. Pollination genomics.

Gabriele with skull

Gabriele Sansalone, UNE Postdoctoral Fellow – Morphological evolution of feral pigs. Cosupervised with John Gibson and Steve Wroe, and based in the FEAR Lab.


Danielle Smith, Technical Officer.


Momena Khandaker

Momena Khandaker, PhD student. Eucalyptus hybridisation. Also supervised by Jeremy Bruhl and Jasmine Janes.


Tim Collins, PhD student Golden everlasting daisies (Xerochrysum and Coronidium). Co-supervised with Jeremy Bruhl, Ian Telford and Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn (CSIRO). Collaborating on Eucalyptus magnificata group.

Ruth Palsson

Ruth Palsson, Masters student. Prostanthera (native mint). Cosupervised with Jeremy Bruhl and Ian Telford.

Steve McAlpin

Steve McAlpin, PhD Student – Yakka skink ecology and colony structure. Cosupervised with Dr Hamish Campbell, Charles Darwin University.

Camera-shy lab members

Farzaneh Etezadifar, PhD Student – Gene flow and spread of noisy miners (Manorina melanocephala). Cosupervised with Paul McDonald.

Nirosha Ranawaka, PhD Student – Thermal tolerance, aggression and colony structure of meat ants (Iridomyrmex purpureus). Cosupervised with Nigel Andrew

Juan Lobaton Garces. Apple pollination genomics and pollinator networks. Cosupervised with Romina Rader and Alexander Keller.

Khawla Alwadani, Masters Student – Chloroplast assembly and phylogenetics. Cosupervised by Jasmine Janes.

Alex Kenins, Masters Student – Desmid diversity in the New England Tablelands. Cosupervised with Jeremy Bruhl.

Jeremy Jones, Honours Student – Heterospecific pollen flow and metabarcoding. Cosupervised with Romina Rader.

Collaborators include…

Prof. Justin Borevitz (Australian National University)

Prof. Jeremy Bruhl (University of New England)

Dr Romina Rader (University of New England)

Dr Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn (Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, CSIRO)

Kevin Murray (Australian National University)

Prof. Loren Rieseberg (University of British Columbia)

Dr Julie Lee-Yaw (University of British Columbia)